Sunday, May 20, 2007

'96 Breezer Lightning

The 1996 Breezer Lightning is a beautiful bike. Was a beautiful bike? No, is. Even though it is practically impossible to source, the Lightning is an amazing bike. The pearly richness of the white on black, the classy little B's on the fork blades, and the Ritchey spec'ing all contribute to the overall composition. This bike just wants to be ridden.


strangelife said...

A top shelf ride indeed. Especially without the Hite-Rite seatpost addition.

Radio Freddy said...

ahh yes, the Breezer. Another example of an amazing and often overlooked machine.

esthetecyclist said...

Indeed, the Hite-Rite seatpost would be best replaced with a Nitto one-bolt or a DuraAce.

It's sort of too bad he's not making them anymore, but I applaud Joe's efforts at getting everyday folks onto functional bikes.

Thanks for reading!